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Phone Ordering vs. Online Ordering

Why you will need digital ordering sooner, rather than later.

“Our phone orders will just shift to online orders.”

When we speak with potential customers, we hear this statement quite often. However, while this statement has some validity, it assumes no growth from an online ordering perspective. Consider this, when was the last time you opened a phone book? For millennials, they may have never seen a yellow or white pages phone book, besides a picture on Instagram. Most customers will find contact information on your webpage, look at your menu, and decide to call(if they want to deal with the hassle of a phone call).

Phone Orders vs Online Orders

What if, instead of calling, they could order right then, from your menu? What if, they could pay by credit card or gift card, right then? What if they could re-order quickly using their previous orders?

By offering a digital ordering solution(web, android/ios application, or both) you can make it extremely easy for customers to order from your restaurant. We live in an accelerated 24x7 world, customers want convenience, http://ez-chow.com, bridges the gap between customer convenience and restaurant operational efficiency.

In addition to ease of use, consider these other factors , if you are thinking about investing in online ordering technology for your restaurant:
  • Increase same-ticket sales.

    Customers will spend about 20-25% more on average, One reason: instead of a polite, nice server asking, “Anything else?”, the customer can add as many items to the order without the fear of someone “judging” them.

  • Customers expect it.

    We live in a different world, some customer’s don’t want to (or can’t, mother with 2 hungry kids, trying to do homework, for example) speak to anyone, and rather “click” thru an order without calling, having to wait to speak to someone. Anna Kepshire of Kepshire Training & Consulting states, “We sometimes do catering for our meetings, if a restaurant doesn’t offer online ordering, I won’t bother attempting to order. I just don’t have the time to call, be put on hold, speak my order, and wait for the server to enter the order, read the order back, provide me a total, take my credit card, and hope they won’t use it.”

  • Cultivate the Customer Relationship.

    You can collect more information when customers order online, from a marketing aspect, you could know your customer’s email address, mobile phone number, your customers who order most frequently, busiest times, etc. By having this information, you can effectively target your customer base, and have more effective and cost-efficient campaigns.

  • One System to Rule them All.

    POS Integration allows your restaurant to benefit from online ordering without the hassle of new hardware, equipment, etc. You already have an expensive POS system, extend its functionality and turn it into a 24x7x365 day “virtual” employee, ready to serve your customers, with *99.99% uptime.

  • Technology isn't going away.

    We know, we know MySpace died. However, ease of ordering is not going away, as a restaurant operation, it will be easier and cheaper to adopt technology now, versus later, when you will be behind your competition. In fact, by 2020, online ordering will probably account for 70% of the takeout/delivery orders made, you want to be ahead of the curve.

EZ-Chow makes restaurant managers content

Learn more about the convenience of digital ordering with the power of point-of-sale integration, or schedule a brief 15 minute phone conversation with our integration experts.

*99.99% uptime is the uptime for http://ez-chow.com for the week of March 7th thru March 14th 2016.

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